Facebook Promises to Likes Moob and Moobies (male breasts) But Not The Boobies

Does Facebook Really Love Moobies?
Moobies - Facebook has crazy censorship policies. Since many of you likely know, women's breasts are outlawed from http://partnerpost.net/2016/03/nearby-is-a-traditional-nude-beach-that-i-visit-occasionally/ . Nevertheless, male breasts - "Moobies" - are totally okay and uncensored. Not only is this hypocritical, but the whole guidelines for censorship are unbelievable.
Furthermore, Facebook is creating a high level of constraint for art. Do you realize that Facebook doesn't consider photography as a valid art form? That is what gives them the right to take down any images. Arty or pornographic, for Facebook they are no different. We learned this shortly after the New Yorker's "Nipplegate" event when they were compelled to describe their censorship policy.
Moobies or Male Breasts Are Still A Problem For Facebook!
The nudity prohibition is generating a lot of criticism among users too. Now that Facebook has clarified that naked cartoons are completely acceptable you are able to feel free to post them. But can you actually? Who knows since Facebook removes pretty much whatever gets reported. Hence nimble nudists are not in line with their own guidelines.
If that is not a backwards and insane rule, then I don't have any idea what is. I can't help but wonder, what is next? Will Facebook prohibit all artwork with nudity?
For now at least, moobies (male breasts) are fair game. I put the Moobies to the test once I created and posted the preceding moobie picture as my profile picture. To date I am still great with Facebook. Oddly enough, after I posted on Google Plus, my profile got deleted. So perhaps Google is a little more consistent. I think there is a silver lining here - Google finds all nipples bad so at least they do not discriminate!
Where could we go from here? What'll be the next sort of censor? Possibly women's feet and arms will be prohibited in the walls and news feeds of Facebook? Possibly Facebook is only going to let images of women in burkas? Or maybe no women with burkas?
It remains to be seen whether the censorship rules will get overturned or remain exactly the same. Only time will tell how Facebook will favorably or negatively grow their website. Perhaps it is only me, but I recently can't wrap my head around this dilemma. What is so terrifying about nudity that it must be torn down from someone's wall ASAP? What could potentially happen?
Really folks! I want your help here!
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The Story Of My Florida Nude Spring Break

(This Naked Spring BreakPost Was Bowed by a Guest blogger)
Nude Spring Break Vacation To Florida
My Nude Spring Break - My fist encounter being bare in public took place during a spring break Florida adventure with friends in South Beach, Miami. My girlfriends and I 'd driven down from our school in Savannah, Georgia to party and have some fun in the sun. The drinks must have gone to my head because I picked out the skimpiest small thong bikini that they had in the shop. My friends chose more modest suits but I was feeling more daring than usual.
Back at our room, I 'd to shave so I could wear the suit without humiliation (it was the very first time I had ever shaved myself completely). On the beach I felt great about my body, but I could feel a lot of eyes staring at me and started to feel self conscious about the way I looked. To be absolutely honest, I Have always had some body image problems I felt ashamed of the size of my butt and I noticed that many of http://x-nudists.com/index.php/2016/05/07/quickly-before-i-could-think-again-and-change-my-mind-i-stripped/ were staring at it as I walked by.
My Naked Spring Break
I decided I 'd head into the water to avert the prying eyes. I swam down the strand for quite a while and suddenly found that I had totally lost my pals! I decided to get out of the water and headed back to the coast. As I was walking back, I looked around and noticed that all the people were nude. I recognized that I had stumbled upon part of the plage that was naked friendly.
I was a little anxious initially, particularly since I'd shaved off all my pubic hair. But I determined I would take the plunge and get nude! It felt so good and warm against the parts of my body that are usually covered up by clothing.
I found it amusing that on this part of the shore, no one appeared to find me. I felt so comfortable and confident walking along the plage with my nude body in full view. Feeling my ample butt swaying in the wind was kind of fun also. I put my thong bikini back on and jogged back to http://modestperson.com/views/not-having-to-wear-those-annoying-bikinis-or-swimsuits.php who were further up the strand.
They asked where I 'd been. I thought about telling my friends about my naked encounter but then I thought it better to keep it a secret - a little something just for me to take away from our, or I suppose I should say my, nude spring break trip.
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